In today’s world we are too quick to generalize, whether it is how we view people or situations and not appreciate the uniqueness or the detail that is all around us. It is much easier to interpret things as we believe them to be than to analyze and understand them as they truly are.

In my subjects I  love strong light because in it I see reflections, colors and shapes that define something more. Upon closer investigation those colors and shapes can be as interesting if not more so than the main subject.

When viewed from a distance, I want my paintings to intrigue the audience and draw them in. Up close, I want the viewer to be absorbed by the loose, yet defined, organic appearance of the paint and color on the canvas.

Within my pieces, it is the medium, its application and color that should elicit the viewers response and as important as the subject matter can be, it is merely a vehicle to connect with the audience and only a small part of what I wish them to take away.

Remain open minded. Don’t see things as you believe them to be. Look past the obvious and see something more.

Art has a BFA in painting from Millikin University in Decatur Illinois.