Spending the greater part of my life on the south side of Chicago offered an infinite amount of inspiration. Before any formal training I sought out artistic stimulation in countless trips to the city, taking in the architecture, the lake front and of course the Art Institute of Chicago. Because the commute into the “Loop” was primarily by trains, busses and cabs, mechanized transportation was destined to become a key component in my work. I also draw on my thirty year history in commercial art and my life long affection for fine art.

Intrigued by the challenge of photorealism along with the timeless debate of line versus color as a means to define form, I downplay the draftsman-like qualities and focus more on intentionally placed shapes, enhanced by “forced” saturated color to define lines which bring the subject to life.
When seen from a distance, the work should intrigue the viewer and draw them in. Up close, I want the viewer to be absorbed by the loose, defined, organic appearance of the paint on the canvas.

Art has a BFA in painting from Millikin University in Decatur Illinois.

Within my pieces, it is the medium, its application and color that should elicit the viewers response and as important as the subject matter is, it is merely a vehicle to connect with the audience and only a small part of what I wish them to take away.